Three Top Racquets for Beginners

Finding a tennis racquet is much more difficult that you could imagine when you are new to tennis and it could be a daunting task. Not for the lack of

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is one of the most important aspects of tennis tactics. Most tactics and strategies in training involves new and advanced ways to outplay opponents. It can include several

Wilson Burn FST 99S Racquet

One of the latest and best tennis racquets on the market today is the latest Wilson Burn FST 99S racquet. It has a different and interesting frames with a 99


Wimbledon Betting Odds and Strategy

Sport betting across all genres of sport is something most gamblers participate in and tennis is no different. It is one of the common betting games especially betting on large

Beginner Tennis – Mental Game and Technique

Anyone who have never played tennis before might be overwhelmed with the hundreds of instructional videos and websites that offer various strategies and technique of tennis playing. On the other


Post-Match Routines

A good routine is essential not only before a match, during, but also essential after a match. Professional tennis players all follow habits that they commit to fully and with

How to Prepare for a Match

Preparing for a tennis match is incredibly important and positive energy is vital. It is easily described or compared to entering a highway when you drive. Why would you approach

Serena Williams

When you hear the name Serena Williams, you immediately know exactly who she is and what she looks like. She has been called the woman with the most powerful serve

Top Three Men’s players

Novak Djokovic Current #1 Novak Djokovic is an incredibly versatile player that deserves his number one spot. To date he has won an incredible ten Grand Slams. His last Grand