Wilson Burn FST 99S Racquet

One of the latest and best tennis racquets on the market today is the latest Wilson Burn FST 99S racquet. It has a different and interesting frames with a 99 sq. inch head size, spinny 18 x 17-string pattern, 21 mm octagonal shaped beam, Wilson Pro grip, and W dampener. It is strung with Luxilon Element and offer low swing weight, headlight balance and with the FST shape, it is like lightning through air. The only downside is that when a player is used to a beefier swinger frame, you will need to guard against the racquet flying away from you.

Even though it has an “S” designation, you will be surprised that it does not spin quite as consistently and easily as the Steam 99S. It swings and hits rally groundstrokes well and deep, however it can cause erratic hitting when you try a mid-court ball and experiment with more aggressive play. However, when a young player with excellent technique would try out this racquet and he is used to ripping balls it would be a great first racquet for professional matches. The racquet has great head speed that has great effect on a serve and as it is without adjustment it is a high-performance and powerful baseline players racquet. The overall feel of this racquet is very close to the Blade 98. When you test it properly for a few hours, you will find it incredibly maneuverable and quick at the net. When you are looking for great control and feel and imagine you are indeed hitting with another frame like a 18 x 20, you have managed to hit it right with this new FST 99S. When you are used to a Burn frame you will also find it more capable to play angles and touch.