Three Top Racquets for Beginners

Three Top Racquets for Beginners

Finding a tennis racquet is much more difficult

Finding a tennis racquet is much more difficult that you could imagine when you are new to tennis and it could be a daunting task. Not for the lack of availability, but choosing one that is the right weight and have features that will enhance and improve play. Followed here are three of the best new racquets available that would be the perfect choice for beginners and even intermediate players as well.

Head Liquid metal 8

One of the very best is the Head Liquid metal 8, which is perfect for beginners and intermediates as well especially those players with a slow swing. It is very forgiving and lightweight and gives players an enhanced sweet spot, which is very valuable for players using a racquet the first time. The racquet head measures 112 inches, very lightweight at 9.3 ounces, and length of 27 1/3-inches.

Head T—S6

Another excellent choice for beginners is the Head T-S6, made from graphite and titanium that enhances its lightweight and comfortable feel, while still giving you excellent maneuverability, durability, and strength. It is one of the lightest on the market and weighs only eight ounces. It is extra-long at 27, a ¾ inches, and a beam of 28.5 mm with 115 square inch head. Experienced and professional players would not appreciate it but beginners find it the ideal racquet with excellent vibration control too.

Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racquet

This is the ideal second racquet especially as it is for slow to moderate swing. The Tour Slam is from one of the most respected manufacturers and Wilson is known for making excellent racquets used by pro players such as Serena Williams for example. The Tour Slam is made from very lightweight aluminum and used Volcanic Frame Technology that gives players two advantages, which are both power and control of swings. You will swing easily without lacking maneuverability or power.

Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 Tennis Racquet

The latest Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 is definitely not designed for new players or beginners as it weights 330g and offering exceptional feel and heft that only professionals and the experienced players would appreciate and handle. Even though it is quite similar to its predecessor, the Tour G, it nevertheless offer subtle improvements and if you have played with a Tour G, you will feel the differences. What is most notable is the actual “feel” of the swing and you will have more feedback while feeling more connected to a ball when leaving strings.

Testing the Duel G97 it is better to do topspin shots and drive slicing through the court and the weight of 330 g is ideal to punch a ball deeper into courts. This being said it is better if you have played with the Tour G to truly appreciate this new racquet. This update is truly meant for hefty player styles and only players who appreciate heavier racquets will feel comfortable from the moment they pick it up.

If you want to compare it to another racquet in regards to specifications, you could easily compare it to the specifications of the Wilson Six One 95. It has excellent plow and stability and gives you the same ease of gaining depth when doing groundstrokes too. It might be slightly more difficult to achieve the perfect topspin; however, you will have a heavy backhand slice and easy penetrate the court. If you are looking for a more spin friendly version racquet that is much lighter, too then you should rather opt for the latest Babolat, Pure Aero that is the successor of the AeroPro Drive. The Drive has been one of the most popular racquets for years and now it comes with heavily upgraded higher swing weight and aerodynamic beam as well.